Please introduce yourself

Pacific NCDEA

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the group.  It's easier to have good interactions when we know who we are interacting with!

I'll start.  

I was appointed to the NCDEA Board of Directors as the Pacific Region Representative in May 2017.  In October 2017, I was appointed to serve as one of two NCDEA representatives on the National Association of Conservation District‘s Tribal Outreach and Partnership Resource Policy Group.  I also chair NCDEA’s Communications Committee and sit on the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) Communications Committee.

I have worked with and for conservation districts since 1992, managing district operations and providing statewide help on governance, technology, and accountability issues. My first conservation district was Ferry Conservation District in northeast Washington State.  I have been a board director of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts and the president of the Washington Association of District Employees.

Following my Ferry CD time, I worked for more than 12 years for the Washington State Conservation Commission.  

Today I'm the General Manager for the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District.

Prior to my conservation career, I was an economic geologist specializing in gold and silver deposits.  I worked in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Indonesia.

I love to sail and am an amateur radio operator, license KJ7T.

Tom Salzer, Pacific Region Director, NCDEA

Craig Nelson

Hello everyone.

My name is Craig Nelson and I'm the District Manager for the Okanogan Conservation District in North Central Washington State.  I have been in this position for almost exactly 22 years.  I have served in several leadership roles within conservation district land ranging from nearly every executive officer position for the Washington Association of District Employees.  Furthermore, I served for a little over a year as the employee representative to the National Association of Conservation Districts Natural Resource Policy Group.  Other leadership roles have included Chair of the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation (of which I am a graduate of Class 27), President of the North Central Washington RC&D, several committees of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts and the Washington State Conservation Commission.  Finally, I spent time serving as a city council member for the City of Okanogan (Washington) and am currently the President of the Okanogan Athletic Booster Club.  

Prior to coming to the Okanogan CD, I served as a Natural Resource Technician for the Kittitas County Conservation District for a little under a year.  Prior to that I served first as an intern for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service before a temporary stint as a Cartographic Aid for the same agency.  

In my personal time, I take photos of Okanogan High School and Middle School athletics and cheer for my sons and other local student athletes, and travel with my wife who is my high school sweetheart.  

Craig Nelson, Okanogan Conservation District Manager

Jay Udelhoven

Hi all,

I'm the District Manager at the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, located in and around the Portland area in Northwestern Oregon. We're a small district geographically (230,000 acres), but relatively big in terms of the number of people we serve (~700,000). I've been here about 4.5 years. Prior to this position I worked for The Nature Conservancy and several government agencies within and outside of the United States.

Happy to be a part of this group and learning from you all.

Jay Udelhoven
Phone: 503-935-5352
Email: jay@...

Tim Riley

Hi everyone,

My name is Tim Riley, and I am the District Coordinator of the Kent Conservation District (KCD) in Dover, Delaware where I have been since October 1, 1991.  I was hired as Administrative Assistant, quickly transitioned to Accountant, and in June, 1994 became District Coordinator.  Prior to KCD I served 6 years in the U.S. Marine Corps out of Caesar Rodney High School, Camden, Delaware.

My service to District Employees Associations includes:
NCDEA President - 2015-Present (Outgoing Feb, 2019)
NCDEA Treasurer - 2012-2014
NCDEA Committees, but break from Officer to focus on KCD program needs - 2010-2011
NCDEA Vice President - 2009
NCDEA Treasurer - 2008
NCDEA Secretary - 2007
NCDEA Northeast Region Director - 2005-2006
NACDE Northeast Vice President - 2003-2004
DCDEA Delaware President and NACDE Representative - 2000-2002
Audience Member at NCDEA meetings at NACD Annual Meetings - 1992-1999

Suffice it to say, I've been around NCDEA a while... In fact I have told the story many times that my first NACD/NCDEA Meeting was in 1992, which was the meeting where NCDEA was voted on and approved by the NACD Board as a full partner of NACD.

I also serve as:
Treasurer of the 1st State RC&D Council - 1994-Present
Board of Director of Milford Housing Development Corporation - 2011-Present

My extracurricular activities include a batting cage business I own and operate where I teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball; both of which I have been playing my whole life and still do; and have had the honor of winning 29 World/National Championship Tournaments in Slow Pitch softball.  A sport that has afforded me the opportunity to travel most of the country, as well as Canada and South Korea.

I am very excited about this communication opportunity for NCDEA, look forward to seeing what it becomes, and cannot thank Tom Salzer enough for embarking NCDEA on this journey.

Tim Riley
NCDEA President
(302)741-2600, ext 3
Email: timothy.riley@...; president@...


Hello All, 

I am the Northern Plains Regional Director for the NCDEA. I am the District Manager at the Mercer County Soil Conservation District in Beulah, ND. I've been with the district about 2 years. Prior to this my career has spanned natural resource conservation/agriculture in the non-profit sector and state government. I feel very strongly about not only acting as in an advisory capacity to constituents seeking conservation information, but also advocate for the importance of conservation and agriculture around the world. 

On top of managing the Soil Conservation District, I also ranch on the banks of Otter Creek. We raise registered longhorn cattle for roping/rodeo cattle and specialty valued added production. 

I'm excited to see how this group grows and helps us all in our pursuit of conservation and professional development. 

Sarah Tunge
NCDEA Northern Plains Director
(701) 873-2101 ext 3

Sarah Moorehead


My name is Sarah Moorehead and I work with Thurston Conservation District in Olympia, Washington. I have been serving the CD for almost 10 years in primarily a communications and community outreach capacity. For the last year and a half I have also been serving the CD as the Interim Executive Director. I too have supported the Washington Association of District Employees through facilitation of conference tracks and training opportunities that focus on developing relationships, communications styles, targeted messaging, outreach strategies, facilitation techniques, knowing your audience and overcoming communication barriers. In 2017, I co-facilitated the development of the South Puget Sound Agricultural Producer Needs Assessment, where our CD partnered with our local extension office and economic development council to look at the needs of and barriers facing producers in our community. I see myself being involved in CDs for the long haul, they have setup permanent shop in my heart and I look forward to supporting the delivery of conservation in our community and beyond into the future.

Our CD is going through a pretty significant transition period, as is the community we serve. Being in the state capitol county has offered us exciting opportunities to participate and support policy development, as well as, an extremely politically diverse and actively engaged community in a fairly small geography - both of which bring many challenges and successes. We are a relatively small county at the southern end of Puget Sound, just shy of about 500,000 acres, with around 300,000 residents - which is rapidly growing! We are fairly rural, except for the Olympia area surrounding the capitol, but as our population increases rapidly, our natural resources are facing significant pressure from land development. Our landscape includes some of the last remnants of prairie oak woodland habitat and a variety of endangered plant and animal species that call this unique ecosystem home. Farms in Thurston County are fairly diversified with many small to mid-sized direct sales operations. Aquaculture is also a major facet of our agricultural production.

Outside of the CD, I am working on starting my own small farm (we've just spent our first year on the land) and restoring an old farmhouse. I love to laugh and play with son, fish, camp, cook and travel!

Nice to meet some new folks from the region! :)