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Jeremy Baker

East Multnomah SWCD invested fairly early in guided, professional training for our staff which took some of the weight off of deciding how to go about implementing a process.  Staff started internally with an equity team (which included staff and a Board member) focused on identifying ways we could educate ourselves.  As you’d expect, it started with an internal self - assessment (the basis of any good plan).  Once staff had made some significant headway in identifying options, we reached out to our Board with a plan of action which, in turn, brought them on board as well.    


This has resulted in several hours of all staff (and board) training on DEI, the drafting of an EMSWCD Equity Statement, in process drafting of a DEI plan, monthly small group staff meetings focused on a DEI topic (selected by our Equity Team).  The guided trainings were excellent in helping relieve staff of having to figure out how to have difficult conversations.  And they are difficult, but they are very necessary and they are eye opening.  On a personal note, I think our staff benefited greatly from us all taking the initial training together.  It provided us all with a space to learn, listen, question, engage, and grow. 


More detailed information can be found on our webpage;






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I would love to hear what kinds of conversations are occurring in conservation districts around the country on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Now that NACD has issued a position statement it seems like an opportunity to continue talking about how we can make our conservation delivery system better for all.

I look forward to reading your thoughts!


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