Re: Non Co-Located District Offices

Bobbi Lindemulder

Let me see what we have here. Although we are still all in the same building as an ag service center, I am the only staffer who shares office space.  I am required to have a LincPass, and we have done a variety of agreements in the past (including having something in the lease) but let me check.....

Bobbi Lindemulder
Snohomish Conservation District
Program Manager, Agricultural Engagement

On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 7:22 AM Tim Riley <timothy.riley@...> wrote:
Thank you.

So far we are committing to our District Planners (partially funded through NRCS Cooperative Agreements) to be at their office 2 days a week; as well as some sort of "get together" monthly at our new building where we will have a nice sized conference room for trainings, learning lunches, etc., covering any range of topics from technical, human resources, computer usage, customer service, whatever really just to have a reason to continue face-to-face interaction on a regular to topic ideas...did I mention our new building is directly next door to a Bavarian Bakery?  Oh....yeah that.....


Bobbi Lindemulder

Snohomish Conservation District

Program Manager - Agricultural Engagement



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