Re: Question of the week: state-level sub-groups for the NCDEA Network?

Craig Nelson

I'm personally ambivalent about this topic.  I see benefits of having state specific topics as there could be conversations in one state that really don't apply elsewhere.  However, having a topic thread that may not apply to me today can be beneficial in the future if I've been exposed to new thoughts and ideas around how to address an issue.

This is just fodder for discussion, but maybe if there was a state specific question we could preface the question with a phrase like "WA Specific" in brackets like (I'm going to start a firestorm here so bear with me): 

[WA Specific]: Which is a better school UW or WSU?

That way, folks from other areas know that they can politely tune out but the conversation is still out there if they wish to learn that UW is indeed the better school:).

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