locked Re: Should messages on the NCDEA Network be private or public? #poll

Pacific NCDEA

The NCDEA Network will remain viewable by non-members.

In addition to the publicly posted comments, I also received several individual emails.  Every one of those individual emails was in favor of keeping the Network viewable by non-members.  The majority of people who responded to the poll and who reached out to me individually favor keeping the Network open, so that's what we'll do.

If you have private topics, I encourage you to develop trust-based relationships with other conservation district professionals and lean on them to seek advice.  

Thank you for participating.  Please continue to spread the word about the NCDEA Network.  NCDEA has 7,000 members.  My personal goal is to see 5% of members participating in the Network by the end of 2019!

The poll is now locked.  If you'd like to talk about this topic, please start a new topic :-)

Be well,


Tom Salzer, Pacific Region Director, NCDEA

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