Comments about the 2019 NACD annual meeting?

Pacific NCDEA

Hi folks.  For those who attended the NACD meeting in San Antonio, do you have comments or feedback about the meeting?  This would help those of us who work directly with NACD on developing and delivering meeting content, and it would also help your peers in other conservation districts.

I'll start.  I have to say that the NACD annual meeting in San Antonio was one of the best NACD meetings I have ever attended.  The speakers and presentations were outstanding.  The schedule was full.  Our conservation district peers were engaged and engaging.
My work with NCDEA kept me very, very busy in San Antonio.  I arrived late on Friday, February 1.  From that moment I was on the go.
  • Saturday: Tribal RPG meeting and NCDEA board meeting.
  • Sunday: NACD Communications Committee, NACD Pacific Region meeting.
  • Monday: Opening general session.  I moderated a session on climate change.
  • Tuesday: NCDEA board meeting, another general session, NCDEA partnership luncheon.  I moderated a session on tribal partnerships.  Employee reception, then the appreciation banquet.
  • Wednesday: National Conservation Planning Partnership (NCPP) symposium. 
  • Thursday: Attended the NCPP executive leadership team meeting all day.
  • Friday: Got home at midnight.
I was too busy to enjoy enough networking time with leadership and with fellow district employees.  But I was delighted to see representatives from Alaska, Guam, and Hawaii in attendance!  It's been a long time since we had folks from Alaska participate so it was extra special to visit with them.

I give the meeting this year an A+!

Tom Salzer, Pacific Region Director, NCDEA

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