locked Re: Should messages on the NCDEA Network be private or public? #poll

Pacific NCDEA

On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 07:55 AM, Pacific NCDEA wrote:

Hi folks.  From the limited responses, it seems clear that there is a desire to have conversations here not be visible to non-members.  I'm pretty sure that I understand some of the reasons why.

I have a counterview to propose for discussion: allowing non-members to read our discussions on the NCDEA Network.  My overarching concern is that we could accidentally create the perception that we are talking negatively about conservation district boards or operating in some fashion as a secretive union-type organization.  The union perception still lives on, by the way.  I end up having to address nearly every time I talk with district board members and some partners about NCDEA.

So the push-pull I see is more open and "to the point" discussions if the site was restricted vs. the risk of creating a false impression that NCDEA is a union.  

Personally, I'm on the fence and am willing to be guided by your advice.

Thank you,

Tom Salzer, Pacific Region Director, NCDEA

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