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Tim Riley

Hi everyone,

My name is Tim Riley, and I am the District Coordinator of the Kent Conservation District (KCD) in Dover, Delaware where I have been since October 1, 1991.  I was hired as Administrative Assistant, quickly transitioned to Accountant, and in June, 1994 became District Coordinator.  Prior to KCD I served 6 years in the U.S. Marine Corps out of Caesar Rodney High School, Camden, Delaware.

My service to District Employees Associations includes:
NCDEA President - 2015-Present (Outgoing Feb, 2019)
NCDEA Treasurer - 2012-2014
NCDEA Committees, but break from Officer to focus on KCD program needs - 2010-2011
NCDEA Vice President - 2009
NCDEA Treasurer - 2008
NCDEA Secretary - 2007
NCDEA Northeast Region Director - 2005-2006
NACDE Northeast Vice President - 2003-2004
DCDEA Delaware President and NACDE Representative - 2000-2002
Audience Member at NCDEA meetings at NACD Annual Meetings - 1992-1999

Suffice it to say, I've been around NCDEA a while... In fact I have told the story many times that my first NACD/NCDEA Meeting was in 1992, which was the meeting where NCDEA was voted on and approved by the NACD Board as a full partner of NACD.

I also serve as:
Treasurer of the 1st State RC&D Council - 1994-Present
Board of Director of Milford Housing Development Corporation - 2011-Present

My extracurricular activities include a batting cage business I own and operate where I teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball; both of which I have been playing my whole life and still do; and have had the honor of winning 29 World/National Championship Tournaments in Slow Pitch softball.  A sport that has afforded me the opportunity to travel most of the country, as well as Canada and South Korea.

I am very excited about this communication opportunity for NCDEA, look forward to seeing what it becomes, and cannot thank Tom Salzer enough for embarking NCDEA on this journey.

Tim Riley
NCDEA President
(302)741-2600, ext 3
Email: timothy.riley@...; president@...

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