Re: How are you being impacted by the federal shutdown?

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We have a robust CREP program.  Since FSA is an integral partner, landowners and staff have not been able to conduct business for e.g. processing new enrollments.  This is a nuisance but, not a huge barrier.  Our contracts/projects for 2019 planting have been in place before now.  HOPEFULLY, things will get on track before the planting has been done and the contractors start submitting invoices for payment.  If not, that put people in a real financial pinch as site prep/planting is about $5k/acre.  Our NRCS colleagues have been able to stay on the job as they have some excess funding that had been obligated and allowed to be applied to salaries.


As perhaps folks are unaware, there was a 6 month delay in the adoption of a Washington State Capital Budget.  We had to lay off one person and many others voluntarily took accrued leave to help stretch the budget.  There were not any back payments as has historically been the case when our federal partners have been furloughed.  Not jealous but not feeling a lot of sympathy is warranted if they end up with a paid vacation.   




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How is your conservation district being impacted by the federal shutdown?  Please share!

I didn't think mine would feel it, but it turns out that a large property acquisition we are pursuing is at risk because the "Yellow Book" appraisal can't be reviewed by federal employees because they are furloughed.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  And feeling some empathy for our federal partners.


Tom Salzer, Pacific Region Director, NCDEA

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